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Signed Shirt Silent Bid Auctions Start Today

Silent Bid Auctions for the following prizes start today, each signed by the first team squad at the respective clubs.

• Signed Wasps Rugby Club Shirt
• Signed MK Dons Football Shirt
• Signed Sam Baldock Brighton and Hove Albion Matchday Shirt

This is how it works, basically decide on what you would like to pay for shirt of your choice and then enter your bid or bids, we will open and check all the bids on the 23rd and the highest bid from an individual bidder will be the winner. To enter a bid just email competitions@communitycontact.co.uk, Private Message Us on Facebook or drop in your bid in a sealed envelope at The Crown Inn, The Square, Twyford, MK18 4EG. Please include your full name, contact number and address with your bid.

All proceeds from these auctions will be split and donated to the MND Association and Florence Nightingale Hospice.

The auction bids will be checked and finish on the evening of 23rd December and if required can be collected on Christmas Eve.

All for a good cause and genuine signed shirts. Would be a great present for a real fan.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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