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Visit The Larder Cafe on Bourton Road

Open Air Foods joined forces with Bourton Farmed Foods @ The Larder, Bourton Road in November 2016. In a beautiful setting on a working farm (and minutes from the centre of Buckingham town), it is a perfect platform to showcase our fabulous range of cheese, olives, chutneys and other deli & seasonal goods.

In conjunction with Bourton Farmed Foods, we are aiming to offer sustainable, local produce that offer a delicious yet affordable alternative to the supermarkets. Open Air Foods opens every Friday and Saturday at Manor Farm, Bourton Road, Buckingham, MK18 7DS. You can also find us at the following markets: Brackley Market (Friday); Odells Yard, Stony Stratford (Saturday) and this summer the Buckinghamshire Young Farmers. We also have a pop up cafe at Evenley Woods every Saturday and Sunday until May serving delicious coffee, cakes and lunch time treats.

Bourton Farmed Foods

The Verey family have been farming at Manor Farm, Bourton for 4 generations. A traditional mixed farming system consisting of cattle, sheep, arable and of the past 2 years, pigs.

Lambing time begins in March when the sheep are bought in at night to be kept a close eye on and let out in the day in warm spring sunshine. The lambs are fattened on grass and will be sold as spring lamb from May onwards. Some we keep till a year old to be sold as hoggit meat.

Silaging and hay making take up the summer months for fodder to feed the cattle throughout the winter time. Barley corn is grown and harvested on the farm, then stored and used to feed the animals at certain times of the year.

2 breeding sows Lois & Leslie, have started to produce piglets this year to supply the new venture of our on-farm butchery and cafe. With our farm-to-fork ethos we use the pigs and sheep from the farm to produce the meats. Then in a unit set up last year we make our own sausages and bacon to be sold along side cuts of pork and lamb.

The cafe is supplied with our own farmed meats to showcase the quality of our produce and giving our customers a true farm-to-fork experience.

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