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4 Steps to Fitness Results

INTENT2IMPROVEIn my last column I spoke about how important it is to get started towards your goals as soon as possible, rather than continuously put it off for a better day.

Whilst I truly believe the above is what people should do, I’m also realistic enough in my experience and expectations to know that people resist change like the plague and with the fast approaching “New Year, New Me” inevitabilities I’d like to use this opportunity to cover what you should do when ready…

1. Ask yourself “If this were easy, what would it look like?”

What have been your biggest obstacles to date? What motivates you to make the right choices? Identify them and use them to your advantage. If the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different outcome” then I’m afraid 99% of dieters/people returning to fitness are insane. If you’re serious about making a change, check in your ego, break out a notepad and actually write down your answers to the aforementioned questions.

2. Next, identify the baseline times for when you’re going to exercise.

I suggest starting with 3 hours total per week (if you’re currently unfit), and get them in the diary with as much importance as the kids dentist appointment, the cars M.O.T and that new episode of Love Island that you somehow find the time for each week. I know you’re busy, we all are, but 3 hours out of 168 is not a big stretch.

3. Remain in a calorie deficit, consistently, but make a point of including foods you enjoy.

Disclaimer: Only relevant if you’re trying to lose weight. Every diet/detox/cleanse works via one core mechanism: getting you into a calorie deficit. Whether that be by dramatically cutting your carbohydrate intake, meat intake, dairy, you name it, cutting out food groups does nothing magical except for helping you consume less calories than you use. I’d strongly recommend using an app such as MyFitnessPal to help track your food intake and properly educate yourself about calories within food.

4. Make it sociable.

This could be in the form of your partner, a friend or colleague. Create way to be kept accountable, but also provide and receive encouragement. One of the most common pieces of positive feedback we get to our semi-private personal training (3 participants per session) is how much people enjoy the social element and that they get more out of themselves knowing that they want to perform their best in front of their peers.

On that note, as a shameless plug, you can join us for a 30 day personal training trial for just £99. To borrow a quote from my first Community Contact column…

By investing in fitness you literally have the opportunity to purchase health and happiness, now who wouldn’t want to buy that!?

Have a lovely Christmas period and a brilliant start to 2018,

Rich Roach

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